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The primary focus of what VSDC communicates is information about VSDC and vegetarianism in the local community, including information about resources, social activities, and educational activities. Although we provide some information about vegetarianism in general, other organizations focus more on this. See our Resources page for links to some of these groups.

We communicate through our newsletter VSDC News, the VSDC website,
 the DC Area Vegan Meetup Group, and other ways. Each has a different focus, although all list upcoming VSDC events.

VSDC News, our printed quarterly newsletter, is mailed
 only to members and is our primary method of communicating with our members. Issues are usually received within the first week of the month of the issue. In an effort to further "green" VSDC, VSDC News is now available online as an option over a printed version. If you would like to stop receiving the paper copy of the newsletter in your mailbox, please contact survey [at] vsdc [dot] org.

Issues of VSDC News available online:
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2016 Winter Spring
2015 Winter Fall
2014 Jan-Mar Apr-Jun Jul-Sep Oct-Dec
2013 Jan-Mar Apr-Jun Jul-Sep Oct-Dec
2012 Jan-Mar Apr-Jun Jul-Sep Oct-Dec
2011     Jul-Sep Oct-Dec

VSDC News is the sole source of information such as:

  • Timely matters that concern primarily VSDC members 
  • The outcomes of recent VSDC activities 
  • Articles related to local vegetarian activities
  • Non-VSDC news and events related to local vegetarianism 
  • VSDC President's message 
  • Board/planning meeting dates (all members are invited) 
  • Direct contact information, and event location addresses 
  • Classified ads and other notices

Advertising in VSDC News is available for responsible businesses, organizations, and individuals.

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