VSDC is governed by an elected, volunteer Board of Directors. The following are Directors serving through May 31, 2022 or May 31, 2023:

  David Banks African American Networking Co-Coordinator, Green Rewards Team, Thanksgiving Committee
Jessica Carlson Social Media Team, Thanksgiving Committee

Saurabh Dalal

Treasurer*, Volunteer Co-Coordinator, Thanksgiving Committee, Web Team, Speaker Series Coordinator, Investment Network
Elissa Free Vice President* & Secretary*, Social Media Team & Media Relations, GreenRewards Coordinator, Thanksgiving Committee
Jeanette Irwin Vegan Trekkers Group, Games Coordinator, Thanksgiving Committee
  Gary Kaplan
Thanksgiving Committee
Sara Murray Thanksgiving Committee
Leigh Scott Newsletter Team, Social Media Team, Thanksgiving Committee

         [*Officer positions]


The following people volunteer their time to coordinate our programs:

Renu Aldrich Cooking Class Coordinator
David Cherry Singles Group Coordinator

Cindy Daigle

Children’s Playgroup Co-Coordinator
Sonya Eremenco Database Coordinator, Thanksgiving Committee
Luke Gessler Web Team
Danielle Kichler Email Coordinator
  Brandon King  LGBTQ Group Coordinator, Volunteer Co-Coordinator
Emily Perkins Children’s Playgroup Co-Coordinator
Beth Preiss Book Club Coordinator
Angela Rabatin Investment Network Co-Coordinator
   (Vacant) LGBTQ Group Co-Coordinator
   (Vacant) Restaurant Visits Co-Coordinator
    (Vacant)Singles Co-Coordinator
   (Vacant) Teens & Preteens Co-Coordinator

Many people (not mentioned on this page) have helped VSDC, either occasionally or regularly. We extend our gratitude to the many volunteers who make our shared mission possible.

Click here for the Bylaws of the Veg Society of DC

    IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING WITH VSDC, PLEASE SEE OUR LIST OF "Vacant" VOLUNTEER POSITIONS (shown above).  VSDC has many other needs too so please contact us to get involved - we need you!

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