About - VSDC - Veg Society of DC

About VSDC

Founded in 1927, The Veg Society of the District of Columbia (VSDC) is the nation’s oldest continuously operating 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization promoting an all-plant diet and vegan lifestyle through education, community-building, and social activities throughout the DC metro area.

Our Vision

VSDC believes in treating all people, animals, and the planet with respect and kindness. We are committed to creating a more compassionate and caring world.

We do this by creating a community of like-minded people who are on the path to an all-plant diet and vegan lifestyle. Whoever you are, and wherever you are on this path, we offer resources and fellowship to support you. We make your journey easier, more enjoyable and meaningful.

VSDC. Creating communities for your health, the animals, and the planet.


Our Team

VSDC is a completely volunteer-run organization, with no paid staff.
VSDC is governed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors.


Volunteer Opportunities

Since we are an all-volunteer organization the sky is the limit. Volunteers organize and host events, write and edit the newsletter, maintain the website, conduct outreach activities and much more.